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~*Happy Birthday Jun! Celabratory Nail Design*~

Aug. 26th, 2010 | 06:40 pm
mood: hot hot
music: Summer Splash: Arashi

For my first post I decided to do something simple and easy in honor of Jun's upcoming birthday! This is what I came up!

Doesn't he look lovely~ :D

It's an elegant french tip design, perfect to wear in any occasion really and any colors but, since it will be Jun's birthday I chose colors that to me represents aspects of him, also I've read in various article translations that his favorite color was blue so I used blue!XD Here are the polishes I used:

                                                                                            In the order I used them~

Before applying any color on your nails it is important to first apply a base coat that will protect your nails from staining. I used CQ's: French Pink. Any base coat would do, I usually see people use this kind of pale pink polish on French Tip Tutorials, so I found this nice color at CVS for about 2$

Once the base coat is dry which usually takes about 5-6 minutes for me, you apply the color on your tips!:D I first applied 2 coats of  Wet n' Wild: Nocturne, which is a deep dark blue color. I thought this color was perfect in representing Jun's cool and elegant demeanor. Everytime I read interviews of him, he always gives these vague answers, it almost gives him this air of mystery that I thought this color had. The tip doesn't necessarily have to look perfect and straight, just as long as you don't cover up too much of your nails, just the tips. If you need a visual aid in the process on how to do a french tip here's a link to a tutorial by julieg713: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZEcHil7kDs
She goes over different ways on how to do a french tip, but don't worry if you mess up a bit, we cover that up later!:D 
                                                                               It looks like black nail polish!:D     

After the dark blue color dries, apply one coat of a shimmery dark blue polish on your french tips. I used Wet n Wild*Wild Shine: Blue Moon. This is an optional color to apply, but I felt that this color represented Jun's fun and warm personality. Despite his coolness, Jun is really the most loving member of Arashi. Always taking care of them in his own way, he cares for the members as if they were his real family and in a way they are. This blue gives the darker blue and extra shimmer in the sunlight and like Jun( for me!XD) can brighten up your day!:D

This is another optional polish to apply, but I wanted to apply a glittery polish to represent Jun's beauty. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my whole entire life! And this is no joke here. Jun has this sex appeal that radiates out of him, that the simplest little gesture like a look or a wink, makes my heart literally stop beating( And it did once true story!!!!) I'm sure there are others that think otherwise, and to me each of the members is sexy in their own way ;D But Jun takes the prize in my book when it comes to sex appeal. I used Nabi Nail Lacquer: clear glitter, that gives a nice sparkly affect on the french tips.


To pretty up the french tips apply a silver glitter polish line beneath the French tips and hide the uneven french tips lines( like I did!XD) I used KleanColor Nail to Toe: silver glitter. Its one of those nail polishes with the thin brushes, but you can also use a tooth pick, or a clean used eyeliner brush, if you don't have a  thin brush nail polish. I added the line not only to hide my uneven lines, but I also heard that Jun wears a lot of jewelery, and the silver lines almost looks like a mini necklace around the tips!XD

Finally leave your nails to dry for about 10 minutes, and then apply a coat of top coat to seal the color and give it a shiny finish. I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Clear polish, which isn't really a top coat but it dries really quickly. So this is how the finished results should look like:


Now you are ready to party it up for Jun's Birthday, if you're going out for karaoke, or getting together with some fellow Arashi fans to sing Happy Birthday for him, this is a style that would be nice to have in his honor!:D I hope my instructions are detailed enough and helpful if you try out this design. I know that it doesn't really have an Arashi feel to it, but I hope you all like it either way!

Soon I will be posting more tutorials based of the new Arashi album Boku no Miteiru Fukei and their new upcoming singles, Love Rainbow and Dear Snow. I also have a nail design in mind based of their concert shirt! I'm also currently translating their interviews from GQ Japan, the April 2010 edition, though that might take a while to finish. Anyways I hope you all have fun with this easy design, you can jazz it up or use different colors you feel represents Jun to you! Enjoy Jun's birthday everyone!~ :D


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